Saturday, February 20, 2010

2010 Winter Olympics

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Greatest event ever.
The Olympics has now come to an end. Phil Dapple and friends would like to congratulate all the participating athletes for doing a wonderful job in the competition of this years games.

The 2010 Winter Olympics, capturing the hearts of people all across the globe with every person rooting for their own country. When I hear the anthem that was published for this years events, I found it up-lifting, inspiring. You can hear it here, it's awesome :

All of your local television stations cover the events and post online. This can easily be watched on your computer, anytime. Example, if you type... www.(your favorite station here).com, bringing you to their homepage, you should be able to check out ample coverage of the events and other news. Some stations allow you to watch full episodes of your favorite shows online.
I hope this was helpful.......thanks for reading.......................Phil.
Go Olympians!

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